santa in a bunny suit

February 15, 2008

(02:54:06) Me: now tell me what the easter bunny looks like
(02:54:11) Me: so i can see if i still want to be friends with you
(02:54:27) Kaiser: hahah ouch
(02:54:32) Kaiser: thats kind of a high pressure situation
(02:54:38) Me: choose wisely young dinner roll
(02:54:47) Kaiser: okay
(02:54:51) Kaiser: first ill give you my real answer
(02:54:57) Me: ok
(02:54:58) Kaiser: then ill give you my “make amy like me” answer
(02:55:03) Kaiser: cause honestly
(02:55:09) Kaiser: i think the easter bunny is just santa in a suit
(02:55:22) Me: say it isn’t so!
(02:55:29) Kaiser: the guy has no profits. he pulls in a few bucks at xmas time in department stores
(02:55:34) Kaiser: what about the rest of the year?
(02:55:37) Kaiser: he’s gotta survive somehow
(02:55:41) Me: its true
(02:55:43) Me: i never thought about it
(02:55:50) Kaiser: so thats my theory
(02:55:56) Me: the midgets convert from toymaking to candymaking
(02:56:55) Kaiser: as for the make amy happy theory, im not sure. im gonna go with he’s got molten chocolate for blood and spews red hots from his nostrils whenever he flares his nose and he’s covered in a fine shredded coconut coat.


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