I have never felt so certain that destiny exists as I have in the past few months.
I want to make memories with you.
I have never felt as uncharacteristically like this as I do.
I know not where this desire comes from,
only that it arrives from a place inside of me I’ve never met until I met you.
Near the center, a little to the right, with the clearest voice.

It has collected every piece of advice I’ve ever received
from each person who has ever loved me…
When they said:
One day you’re going to meet a man who,
without knowing how or when or why,
is your best friend.
He’ll be someone who challenges your mind,
someone who makes you laugh,
someone who not only makes you a better person,
but inspires you to want to become the best version of yourself you can be.
He’ll see right to your core,
you’ll feel exposed and vulnerable,
but you’ll never feel scared.
One day you’ll meet this man
worth waiting for.
And if you’re lucky
spend the rest of your life appreciating
that you waited for this right one.
Instead of just anyone.

I dreamed of you shortly after meeting you
the man who rescued old books
before setting sail for middle sea
throwing them out above the waves
turning them into seabirds
who soared above us
and we laughed and felt happy
making seagulls and pelicans and snowy plovers
in your little boat.

Not long ago
I dreamed you herded sheep
and I came to photograph the best sheep
of all your sheep
to a little hillside somewhere in Scotland
beside the greenest field
and we searched all day for that missing sheep
before finding it in the fields of rye
and we laughed and felt happy
uncovering the secret hiding spot
on your little hillside.

Finding you was like discovering fingers and toes
though I don’t remember that long ago
As long as I have known (yet have been so unaware)
you are now, you’ve always been
and always will be.

I like you more than all my appendages and most major organs
I like you better than long weekends and sno-cones in july
I like you better than pumpkin carving and palindromes
I like you better than birthday cards and more than fruit
I like you better than hosta leaves and first pick of the cinema seats
I like you better than thunderstorms and sunny days when they predicted rain
I like you better than peanut butter and jelly cut on the diagonal
I like you better than cello solos and every coin wish in the bottom of the Trevi Fountain
I like you better than the thesaurus and dictionary combined
I like you more than 1.618

It is cowardly that I say these things in this way.
But I won’t hurt you and
I can’t hold onto all these balloons.
So I release the SOS
and one day, maybe, when we’re old or young
when we’re happy or sad
you’ll find them
and know
if given the choice between you
and Orion’s belt
and sun tea on the front porch
and a texan bluebonnet field

I choose you.


At least one a day I think about a sentence from a conversation we’ve had and I smile a sort of uncontrollable, inspired, unrestrained smile I haven’t felt or seen in years.

The more I know about you, the more I want to know about you. That’s why all the questions.

You make me feel awkward and nervous and excited and giddy like I haven’t felt since junior high.

On weekends, usually around 11:13 am or so, I wonder what you’re doing. Especially on sundays.

When driving and listening to the radio, I wonder what tune is running through your head at that exact moment.

I sometimes think about what it would be like to sit on the front porch at night in july together. Or anywhere in comfortable silence.

You make me want to learn at least one new word a day.

You make me want to be a better person.

I don’t become easily enchanted. So I’m not sure how it happened that all of the sudden I came to and realized that I have arrived to be enchanted.

I spend a great deal of time each day trying to focus my attention to the matters at hand and away from the matters of your hand (wondering where all the places where the lines and maps on your palm would lead…)

Since meeting you I try to pay attention to the minutia of music production, but still have no idea what I’m listening for. I still either like it. Or I don’t like it. But I’m trying.

You give me butterflies and goosebumps. Sometimes both at the same time.

You sometimes make me so nervous and I can’t stop talking even though my inner voice staring in horror and saying “oh my god i order you to stop talking!!!”

I’d take cross-country car trips with you so you didn’t have to go it alone. But I might want to stop to see a statue of alligators or the world’s largest frying pan.

I’d like to leave with you for two weeks with no planned destination and see what we discover. Because I think we’d have just plain fun.

When you show up in dreams, you always seem so familiar, and I’m always so pleased to see you.

One and a half blocks never seemed so far, or so close.

You are one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I have never felt more intellectually attracted to a person in all my life.

I feel shocked that I lived 27 years in the same world with you without knowing you.

I was never sure that I believed in fate or destiny or soul mates…
and I realize that my timing couldn’t be worse, but
I never expected to feel like this about anyone
though I haven’t really put my finger on what “this” is.
I never expected to like you.
For a variety of reasons.

But I was wrong.

And here I am.
And here we are.
And all I really want to do
is pack one blanket and
two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and
two books and
go wherever the lines of your palm take us.


May 7, 2009


If you go too far,
there is a song you’ll hear.
If we get too close,
whisper in my ears.
speak the word
(say it.)
(say it.)
(say it.)

oh we’ve been to many churches
but we never believed.

three o’clock

April 21, 2009

I do not know you.
or whether you prefer buttercups
to peanut butter cups
I do not know.

I do not know you.
I cannot recognize the contents of
the trunk of your car
or the contents of the baggage
you carry.

I don’t know you.
I don’t know you.

Moving like images
on opposite sides of a mirror
I go left
you go right
and everything is aligned.

but I do not know you.

I do not know you.
whether you sing in the car
or you sing in the shower.
If you write letters on post-it notes
or in the steam on the mirror.

I don not know you.
whether you talk more in the mornings
or late at night before you fall asleep.

Then stepping outside of myself
I’d pose a warning
whispering things like
be reasonable
be fair
be a decent person

And the me inside me
she never listens
though she hears all
she’s much too busy
dreading three o’clock.

This is not me.
This is not me.
This it not me.
This is not me.

This is the undertow.

cupcakes on 109

April 18, 2009

if you find this blog one day
and find pieces of yourself,
however big or small,
amongst the words
you don’t have to say anything.

just know
the threads of yourself
you find here
have made the quilt of my life
more brilliant
more comforting
simply for having been woven
by some mysterious

If you find yourself one day
in these words
or on the stoop of my front porch
know that you’ve always been welcome.
and my soul is better
and my heart is better
for having known you.

If you find this one day
and find yourself amongst the words
please know
that one some level
you’ve been loved
and if, many years from now,
you are the first to depart
will remember you
and bake cupcakes on your 109th birthday.

I have known you in passing
I have known you in lifetimes new and old
I have known you.
I have known.

There’s a long long road
To reach your house
I arrived just before
Just before the sunset
And you said ,and you said
Welcome with your eyes
And we said ,and we said
Nothing at all

[ refrain ]

Oh we have been to
Many churches
But we never believed
Oh we have been to
Many churches
But we never believed

If you go too far
There’s a song you hear
If we get too closed
Whisper in my ear
Speak the word
Say it
Say it
Say it
Be my dad

so much for the city.

April 18, 2009

What are you doing today?
Are your windows open, too?
Are you slicing sandwiches on the angle
while I listen to Jack Johnson
and paint my toenails?

What are you doing today?
Did you go to the zoo
to see the baby elephant
who still doesn’t have a name
while I listened to The Thrills
and plant yellow pansies
in blue pots?

What are you doing today?
(so much for the streetlights)
Running and bike riding?
(they’re never gonna guide you home)
While I was listening to The Best of Boston
and dancing with the dog?

So much for the City.