cupcakes on 109

April 18, 2009

if you find this blog one day
and find pieces of yourself,
however big or small,
amongst the words
you don’t have to say anything.

just know
the threads of yourself
you find here
have made the quilt of my life
more brilliant
more comforting
simply for having been woven
by some mysterious

If you find yourself one day
in these words
or on the stoop of my front porch
know that you’ve always been welcome.
and my soul is better
and my heart is better
for having known you.

If you find this one day
and find yourself amongst the words
please know
that one some level
you’ve been loved
and if, many years from now,
you are the first to depart
will remember you
and bake cupcakes on your 109th birthday.

I have known you in passing
I have known you in lifetimes new and old
I have known you.
I have known.


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