lavendar gingham three-quarter sleeves

January 13, 2009

“…My mom always said that about having kids “if everybody waited until they were 100% ready nobody would have kids”… which in my head translates to “everybody is a little bit accidental.” On the other hand maybe that’s her way of saying “its okay if you get knocked up, I’m ready for grand kids!”

Although every now and then I see a commercial for Lowes where a happy family is wearing pastel sweaters and picking out matching front-loading washer and dryer and I think to myself “I’d like to wear a pastel sweater and own a front-loading washer and dryer!” But then I remember that the mom probably goes home and snorts methamphetamine in the pantry while the Dad hides in the basement typing away frantically to his secret online lover, BubbaLuv6969. Or perhaps I’ve been watching too much “Intervention” on A&E…….”


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