i’m trying to light it!

April 8, 2008

have a bad habit. Doodling. Nothing in particular. Tonight I sat through a 2 hour city council meeting drawing line after line after line in every direction … basically making a series of cross-hatches. Halfway through the meeting our eccentric-and-endearing city attorney leaned over and said “Show me what you’ve accomplished.” I looked down at the series of lines,lines,lines and said “Nothing much. It’s nothing in particular.” He looked at it for a few seconds and still, “It’s still quite artistic.” And that was that.

I decided I have an experiment that can help you tell if someone is in love with you. Buy a carton of neopolitan ice cream with them. Get them really excited about it. Then eat all the chocolate while they are not looking. It’s better if you can do so in a very neat manner, as not to leave any mystery about the fact that you just like the chocolate best. If they open it and hate you – kick them to the curb! If they open it and smile at your endearing-albeit-annoying quirk – you’ve found a keeper.

My BFF is coming up to Ohio for 24 hours. Saturday morning to Sunday morning.

I cannot wait.


One Response to “i’m trying to light it!”

  1. GµårÐïåñ Says:

    Hope you have fun, have a drink for me too, I could certainly use it before pulling all my hair out. Don’t forget to send some pictures. 😛

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