Leaving on a jet plane bicycle

April 6, 2008

For those who haven’t heard, Skybus airlines bit the dust this morning , out of the blue, giving no warning whatsoever to passengers, ceasing flights operations immediately.  Effective immediately, all flights, which had been scheduled through September of 2008, are canceled.  Passengers have been directed to contact their credit card companies for a refund.

All of this comes in the wake of two other US airlines filing chapter 11 this week, ATA & Aloha Airline.  The ATA website states, “ATA currently is unable to provide refunds to customers who purchased tickets directly from ATA with cash or a check,” directing them to keep an eye on their chapter 11 precedings.

This all makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong in the US.  Each website cites the rising cost of fuel, but in Europe, low-cost airlines, such as RyanAir & Vueling, are BOOMING.  In light of today’s Skybus announcement, I think the US airlines are really going to need to re-evaluate how they’re doing business, and consider taking some tips from their neighbors across the pond.  My BFF is flying up to Ohio from Alabama for a wedding next weekend, having paid over $400 for her ticket.  We all suffer the cost of gas, but until airlines can figure out a way to drive down prices and stimulate travel, I fear we’re just going to see more and more “Sorry, C-ya” announcements popping up overnight.


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