March 21, 2008

Ass-to-mouth turned out to be my biggest day ever.  That’s not surprising.  Internet people are sick, I tell you!  Sick, sick freaks!  Oh wait.  I am one.  Which just reiterates my point, if you know me at all.

The new apartment and I are coming to terms with one another, bit by bit.  I’m adjusting to the noises of nighttime and George Clooney (the squirrel who briefly lived in the attic and tap-danced above my head before the LL barricaded his in-and-out door).  I still feel nervous at night sometimes, but I think that’s just part of being a girl living alone.  Once the downstairs apartment is occupied I will feel much better.  There is something a little unnerving about living all along in a big, old house.  Also, it doesn’t help that I’ve watched just about every horror flick known to man.

Work was fun this week, as usual.  If I wasn’t me, I would hate me, simply for the fact that I adore my job and bosses so much.  It’s nauseating.  I feel really lucky to know that 40 hours of every week are going to be not just tolerable, but truly pleasant.  I sometimes look at these people and wonder how on Earth I made it so far in my life without knowing them until now.  One in particular, who has become not just a boss, but a mentor.  I once read something about the difference between a boss and a mentor … and it defined things so well.   Paraphrasing, it more or less said something like “If you’re lucky enough to find a mentor, you’ll know it.  These are the people who not only compel you to continue growing and do your best, but they inspire and encourage the paths on which you walk while enriching the road in any way they can.”

Amen to that!

It’s almost Easter and I didn’t dye easter eggs, which is a sin.  The Pope said so.  Okay, not really.  But he apparently did approve the following as being serious sins:

1. Using any form of scientific or unnatural action to prevent conception (ranging from birth control to abortion) — however I find it curious that taking medical/scientific actions to conceive is perfectly okay.

2. Harming the environment in any way – including not recycling.   Reduce, Reuse, Repent.

3. Drug abuse.   — poor Anna Nicole.

4.  Ass-to-Mouth — just kidding.  This was a cheap ploy for more blog hits.

Sweet dreams readers.


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