answering the masses

February 23, 2008

In the past week people have discovered this blog using a variety of search terms. As a responsible, kind, and generous blog-owner, if not my duty – who shall help them find the answers to the questions they seek? So, with no further ado, I present answers.

1. Will a non-committal man ever become committal – Answer: No. No he will not.

2. Wikipedia boulangerie – Answer: Boulangerie probably won’t be found in wikipedia. It’s french for “bakery”

3. Dating older men – Answer: DILF revolution!

4.Diarrhea song in parenthood lyrics – Answer: when you’re slidin’ into first and you think you’re gonna burst, diarrhea! (cha! cha!) diarrhea (cha! cha!)

5. I don’t drink hot liquids – Answer: me neither.

6. Biggest ball sac – Answer: See Also: Elephantitis


8 Responses to “answering the masses”

  1. C. Fraser Says:

    Damn, those are some good ones! All mine have been boring lately.

    1. That’s just silly and self explanitory.

    6. W….T….F!!!!

  2. swordplayer Says:

    Dear Amelie

    I hope you don’t mind my mentioning this but the title of your blog should read: ‘La Fabuleuse Boulangerie d’Amelie.’ This is because boulangerie is feminine and so the adjective needs to agree. Sorry to be so pedantic (Jupiter in Virgo!)

  3. Amelie Says:

    No, no. I took spanish, so my french is a little rusty. Thanks for the tip.

    Your paintings are lovely. I see that you are from Swansea. I visited Swansea when I was quite young, and we have good family friends from there. What a lovely place!

  4. swordplayer Says:

    Dear Amelie

    You’re right, Swansea is lovely. Much better than Cardiff which gets all the money and attention. Actually my wife, Rusty, paints the pictures. I write the poetry but we inspire each other all the time. I like your blog. It is a warm and friendly place to browse around in.

  5. Amelie Says:

    Sounds like a good combination – painter and a poet. You’re welcome in this blog anytime. Thanks for passing through 🙂

  6. swordplayer Says:

    Dear Amelie

    If you type ‘Hillimericks’ into Google you should be able to find my limericks. You should also be able to find my ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ which is my epic poem on the nature of Time and its effects. Amelie, I know that as a Leo, Rooster (like me) you need an awful lot of attention. Frankly. I have been falling down on the job. I promise to give you more attention in the future. Given that you are a spectacularly beautiful young woman, it shouldn’t be too difficult!

  7. Amelie Says:

    It’s quite possibly true. But I blame my birth rite.

    And thank you for the spectacularly beautiful compliment, sir.

  8. This was great, I laughed and I especially liked the DILF reference, never heard that one before but I can’t imagine why not, if we have MILF, its only fair we have DILF, right? Thanks for the laughs, I needed it.

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