February 9, 2008

From time to time I will post classic hits from an old blog.  And by “time to time” I mean “nights when I’m too tired to write something original so I recycle” … such as tonight.

Last night I had a dream I was on Top Chef.  Our first challenge was to make the judges laugh as quickly as possible.  When Chef Tom put his arm around me I got giddy and told him I couldn’t make direct eye contact with him because I had had a dream about him….which was odd because the only dream I’ve ever had about him was the dream I was having at that moment.  He laughed and I won the quickfire laugh challenge.

Later, instead of cooking, we had to do a performance piece.  I had to choose a song to sing.  I choose “Nine million Bunnies” which, according to my dream, was a song from a movie (my second choice was Stayin’ Alive).  The scene, as I recalled it in my dream before choosing it as the song I’d sing, began with a group of school-children in a zepplin yelling “We’ve been kidnapped!” and there were about 2000 bunnies in the zepplin with them.  It was something of a twilight zone meets barbarella meets rocky horror picture show.  Anyway, the lyrics of the song were pretty uncomplicated and the music sounded a little bit asian …

“There are 9 million bunnies in the sky
I am yours and you are mine
and I will love you, dear, for all of time

There are nine million bunnies in the sky
and no matter where you go or where you may be
I’ll always keep you safe and close to me”

… I didn’t get around to actually performing it in the Top Chef dream, but I do remember stressing out that I would go on to the Top 3 … which I really didn’t want to do because I don’t know how to make a ceviche.


2 Responses to “nine.million.bunnies”

  1. paulmct Says:

    Should I ask…? Were you ever able to interpret or decipher the dream? Or did you just file it under ‘W’ for ‘Wow, that was weird’?

  2. Amelie Says:

    It was so many layers of weird I think I just wrote it off and pretended like it didn’t happen. Oddly, every time I have seen Chef Tom on Top Chef since then I feel a little naughty.

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